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Simple Tie Dye Scarf


What to do when it is cloudy and cold outside and everywhere you might want to hike is a swamp?  Stay in a get bored? No!  Make a scarf of course!

I had two yards of cheesecloth fabric (yes, the very same fabric all cool blouses and skirts in the 1970’s were made from) in my cupboard and some dye I had bought ages ago and never used.  The colours I had to choose from were navy, black or brown (obviously I wanted a dark green…), so I picked black.

To dye my future accessory a solid black or add a spot of tie dye?

I decided to try some very simple tie dyeing using three elastic bands.

Sorry about the lack of ‘process’ photos, but when I was doing it, I honestly didn’t think it would come to much, just an exercise to keep me entertained.  Funny how when you do something with no pressure on yourself, it turns out to be rather ace!

I secured an elastic band about 3inches from each end and one in the middle (ish), making sure that the bands were tight and in a solid line, so that the finished ‘stripe’ would be as solid as possible.

I followed the instructions on the dye packet (I used Rit dye) then removed the elastic bands by carefully snipping them off.

After I had rinsed and washed the scarf, the stripes were a pale grey and the main body of the scarf is a dark grey rather than black, but I love it to little pieces and I can’t wait to wear it.

I didn’t finish the ends and don’t intend to, partly because the fabric would stretch weirdly if I hemmed the ends and partly because I can’t be bothered!!

What do you get up to in those ‘what shall I do now’ moments?  Try making a tie dye scarf, it is fun and all finished in about an hour!


Happy Wednesday.


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  1. Love this project Clare. So easy and so effective! And colour is perfect. I make my best stuff when the pressure is off. It’s just a fact of life!

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