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Through The Lens Thursday #20. Round.

TTLT 20. Round

I didn’t realize how many round things are in my ‘I like this’ department.  I like my wood rings from Philomena and Ruth, my silver rings made by Kate McKinnon, the two charms on leather which I made yesterday and the string of beads which I will most likely fashion into a bracelet for the summer.  Lots of things to like.

I find that I tend to wear the same things for a while, then move onto something else.  At the minute I am definitely into my wood rings and I love a casual leather cord with something gorgeous on it, simply tied at the back.

What is your ‘go to’ wearable at the minute?  A favorite scarf or shoes, rings or lipstick!  I am trying to be a big girl and wear lipstick and make up more.  When I say lipstick, I mean tinted lip balm, baby steps.

Happy Thursday!

Through the Lens Thursday details are here and next week is ‘negative space’ which I assume doesn’t mean the naughty corner….!


  1. i just popped for some lipstick from the body shop. i used to feel naked unless i had on lipstick and mascara now i make a point to put on make up a few times a week even if no one will see me.
    i got away from make up when i stopped working in the public so for 5 yrs now. it was liberating to get away from make up but now i find it empowering because i feel like i want to wear it… when i want to wear it.
    do i even make any sense!

    i love your collection of jewelry! i’m going to go check out your links, dying over the silver rings!
    did i tell you i’ve picked up beading again?
    ps. i would love some smelly mail i will drop you my address.

    • I am putting on a bit of slap regularly too Tracie, I think I need it more with this grey hair on my head! You must share your beady projects too. I would love to send you some smells!

      • my grey/silver hair has been my motivation too. i’ve changed up all my make up. i started wearing tinted moisturizer also, i used to just wear a powder bronzer. i am thrilled with the BB cream, it makes my skin look much nicer than it actually is. gotta love that!

  2. I love this blend of colors, textures, and layers! I do the same thing by wearing something a lot and then moving in to the next thing. 🙂

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