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How my Garden is Growing.

I thought I would share my little garden today, everything has just started to grow really well.  It is all green green green with a extra touch of green.

The sunflowers are growing fast, followed by the tomatoes and rocket.  The kale and chili plants are coming along nicely, chilies always seem to grow so slowly, I am happy I have any leaves at all!

My lavender bed didn’t all survive the freezing St Louis winter, but I have a couple of tough plants and I have put some more in the bed to fill it up again.  Hopefully I will get a bumper harvest again this year and make some lavender bags and maybe some lavender infused oil to use in balms and perfumes.  Then it’s fingers crossed for the winter months.

The rhubarb is looking good, but I think I need to leave it this year and wait to harvest next year.  Seems a little too long to wait for rhubarb crumble, maybe I will buy some this year and let my little plants get big and strong!

Do you have a garden or pots or both like me?  What do you like to grow?  I need to plant some more herbs, I only have basil, mint and coriander, and I think I am in need of parsley.

Sun in the garden
Tomato seedlings
Tomato plant
Blueberry bloom
Sunflower and kale
Wagon and lavender
I can’t wait to see how my garden grows through the summer and I will be sure to enjoy all the leaves and fruits as they grow.
I think I have enough to share with the local wildlife, as long as the squirrels, bunnies and woodchucks are not too greedy, we shall all get along just fine!

I hope your garden is doing well whatever you are growing!


    • They are also called groundhogs Michelle, big, furry, close to the ground, kinda cute but eat everything!

  1. How lovely Clare – I love all your little pots side by side and reading about your growing adventures. I feel stupidly over-excited each day when I can see the new growth from my own crop and can’t wait to harvest the fruits (& vegetables!) of my labours. I got my strawberry plants out into a raised bed yesterday, as well as lettuce. I think it’s a bit too soon for the other teeny seedlings to go out so am holding off for another few weeks. It was fun pegging out netting to keep everything protected. I’m hoping the slugs won’t get into the raised beds…here’s hoping!

    You’ve inspired me to get out with my proper camera now too to capture these first early shots. Sending growing-luck from my garden to yours x

    • Growing is so cool Rebecca! Once lettuce gets going, you are eating it every day to keep up! We have wild strawberries in the grass, but I leave them to the squirrels. Let’s hope we get bumper crops!

  2. your garden looks so lovely. We’ve only just planted everything and it’s tough waiting too, but that first rhubarb crumble will be so worth it! You should have a little ok at Strayed From The Table’s Garden Share Collective. I think you’d love it.

    • It will be worth it when we have our garden bounty Clare! I will look at the collective, thanks for the tip.

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