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One+Four=Life. Weekly Photos 19/52

MoBot lantern festival
Iris MoBot
Columbines Hipstamatic
For this week’s four photos, it was a hard choice and it made a nice change to have choice! Don’t you find that a week will pass and you have taken hardly any photos, yet another week, you have been a clicking demon and have no end of snaps to choose from!
I have had a week of field trips, on Tuesday I went to southern Illinois to Waterloo and my friend’s new shop Philomela and Ruth. On Wednesday I went out with some friends to the Missouri Botanical Gardens and saw the blooming irises which were all amazing. They were also setting up the Lantern Festival ready for the event to start at the end of May. I think the lantern display is as impressive during the day as it would be all lit up at night. So much work goes into it all, we will be visiting again once all the lanterns are up and running later this month.
Photos –
1. Wall art at ‘Philomena and Ruth’.
2. One of a gaggle of birds at the Missouri Botanical Gardens, part of the lantern festival.
3. An Iris in the crowd at the Missouri Botanical Gardens.
4. Columbines in my neighbor’s garden, taken with the Hipstamatic app which I haven’t used in ages.

I wish you a fun week ahead! Pop over to Meet Me at Mikes to see more One+Four=Life posts.


  1. Fantastic pictures, Clare! I especially love the wall art eyes. Wow! We are starting to see more blooms. The leaves are coming in on the trees slowly–it’s like watching grass grow. I wish I’d taken pictures of the slow steady progress unfolding before my eyes!

  2. What great pics! I love the alluring eyes wall art and the bird – great angle. I remember hearing about the Hipstamatic app and meaning to try it – thanks for reminding me about it x

    • I did have to get in a funny position to get that shot into the sky of the bird!! Hipstamatic is a cool app, but I never know which lens/film I like best.

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