Six Word Saturday
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Six Word Saturday

Six Word Saturday
There was a garage sale at a local church this morning, so off we went at 7am (yawn).
My youngest found some very fabulous cine and regular vintage cameras from around the 1940’s. I wonder if they would still work and if you can get film for them?
I picked up a 1930’s ‘Lavender Bath Powder’ tin and some lovely grey pearl buttons for a couple of dollars.
It has rained lots here today, but it is still warm so the plants are all growing nicely.
I hope you have had a marvellous Saturday and are looking forward to Sunday.


  1. Wow! Great photo. What a cool camera. I am curious to hear if you can make it function somehow. Or maybe you can turn it into a digital camera –I think they have kits for that–wouldn’t that be fun?

  2. Just having a look around your lovely blog. I am a junker too, I say great score on the camera! My family tries to ban me from the boot sales, but I always find a way around. LOL. Keep smiling and creating. PS the Strawberry Pie looks delicious.

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