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Through The Lens Thursday #43. Spicy.

Chili plant

Chili plant

This week has been like summer here in the Mid West!  It got to 92 degrees yesterday and I am browsing boots online while wearing sandals.

Last week we had a couple of nights of frost, I know, the weather here is bonkers!  My chili plants are in pots so I hauled them all into the basement to hide out until the temps crept back up.  They seemed to be happy with the arrangement and are growing and blooming all over the place.  They had better hurry up as winter is just around the corner and the weather here can turn on a dime.  I deliberately planted them in pots this year so that I can move them into the basement and hopefully I will get some chilis from these flowers.

The top picture is a Santaka Hot Asian chili and the bottom is an Ancho chili, so the Santaka will turn a vibrant red and the Ancho has some growing ahead of it as this is a tiny new chili.  Once the chiles ripen, I pick them and store them in the freezer until I need them.  Home grown chiles all year round.

How is your garden?  Is it hanging on in there or all shut down for the winter.  Of course if you are in the southern hemisphere, you are gearing up for wonderful spring gardening!


  1. our hot pepper is still hanging on. i was trying to think what i should do with all the peppers, it’s one of the very few plants that seemed to exceed my expectations this year.

    • I bought some more canning jars today to make some more pickles, this time with lots of peppers and hopefully I won’t regret it!! Pop your peppers in the freezer, then you will have them to use all year.

  2. Ohhh, I’ve only ever grown tiny little peppers. I love bell peppers (nothing too spicy), but I haven’t learned how to grow them yet.

    • I have grown bell peppers and chili peppers, all pretty successfully. Bell peppers grow very well in our summers!

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