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I Love my New Waterbrush

Are you the type of person who thinks everyone knows how to do something except you?  I am.  And when I do learn I think I am the very last person in the world that knows how to use whatever the new thing is.  So, here I am with this fab new art supply in my life and I want to run about and tell everyone, so here I am, running about, telling you!

I bought a waterbrush a couple of months ago as part of a class I had signed up for, but I didn’t end up using it, so it  has sat in my drawer since.

Yesterday I started a class at Skillshare called Watercolor Lettering Essentials which solely uses a waterbrush for the projects.  Hurrah I thought as I grabbed the brush, I can use it at last.

Well, hurrah indeed, once I had got used to using the brush, I fell in love with it.

I think the reason I left it for so long was that I didn’t know how to use it, it came with no instructions and I thought you filled up the chamber of the brush with mixed paint and I couldn’t understand how this was any more use than a regular brush.  Still confused, I left it in the drawer again.

Turns out, you fill the chamber of the brush with water then dip the wet brush into your paint and paint something wonderful, clean off the brush with a few strokes on a paper towel and go to the next colour.  You can blend different colours, shades of the same colour and with plain water to get all kinds of lovely subtle effects.

Learning waterbrush

The brush can make lovely ombre effects just by the fact that the paint will naturally run out on the brush and be replaced by plain water, making the colour fade gradually and beautifully.  I discovered this when I painted a circle bigger and bigger until the paint on the brush ran out.

Waterbrush lettering

I have been using the brush with tube paint so far, but it would be ideal with a pan set too and how perfect for travel.  You would only need one paintbrush and this beauty carries its own water supply.

What have you recently discovered?  A new utensil? Art supply? Recipe? Exercise? How much do you love it?  As much as I love my new water brush?  I hope so!


  1. Discovering new things is oh so great and I can totally relate to your feeling of being the last to know, haha.

    I haven’t discovered anything knew myself lately, but I can remember when I discovered these brushes and I completely share your love for them! They’re so lovely and easy to use, and as you say, perfect for travel. Big love for water brushes!

    P.S. your water colour letting is looking lovely 🙂

    • I agree! I am planning to get another one today to fill with black ink and see what I can do with that.

    • I am so pleased I learnt how to use it (not rocket science…) and now I want more to use with ink in them.

  2. Such beautiful subtle effects. Could you point me towards them on the web? My Mum would love one of these for Christmas I reckon…

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