'I like' Friday
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‘I Like’ Friday.

I Like Friday Autumn Tree

It has been ages since I wrote an ‘I like’ Friday post.  I have been liking lots of ace things, but I haven’t shared, how rude!

So I plan to put that right and keep the ‘I like’s coming on a regular Friday basis.  A little gratitude sharing as well as things I like , it is important to look back and remember the good things from a week or a day isn’t it. My lovely neighbour brought me a piece of freshly made coffee cake this morning, it was delicious and I was very happy to have been the lucky recipient.

What else have I been liking this week?

I have been gathering some Christmas presents in earnest, I like to get organised for Christmas pretty early, so I don’t run out of time to mail it all back to the UK.  I enjoy buying gifts for people, it is so nice to think about what they might like (and hopefully get it right).

The weather has been a dream this week, cooler mornings turning into blue sky afternoons with warmer temps.  The trees are starting to turn into their stunning Autumn hues which are so much brighter against a bright blue sky.  Some of the trees in the neighborhood seem to glow with yellow or orange leaves, then in a couple of days they are faded and leaves are dropping.  What a lovely thing to pass the trees daily and see their colours.  Having said that, it is threatening rain today which is great for the remaining veggies in the garden, but I will be grabbing my brollie before heading out this afternoon.

I have been dipping into some very good books this week ‘Craft for the Soul’ by Pip Lincolne is always an uplifting read and I often pop it in my bag if I know I will have a few minutes to read a page or three.  I have been delving into Mr Wilkinson’s Vegetables by Matt Wilkinson for menu ideas for the week ahead.  I always find myself getting lots of inspiration from the Illustration School books by Sachiko Umoto, so they are on the table alongside my sketchbook right now.

I have been working out lots lately because I do love to exercise.  It’s true, I am one of those people who needs to move!! I was a big aerobics fan in the 90’s and I loved Popmobility in the 80’s, anyone else a Pobmobility groover from nineteen eighty something?  Lately, I have been particularly liking my pilates, yoga and surf classes, although if there was a Pobmobility class in my area, I would be signed up in a minute!!  In case you are wondering what on earth I am blabbing about this Popmobility, it was usually held in the village hall or the school gym and a local lady in a leotard and tights would put on a record (yes, I said record, I am that old!) and we would all follow along in an exercise/dance routine fashion.  I suppose the nearest we have now is Zumba.  There would be routines to funky classics like ‘Pass the Dutchie’ and ‘Blue Jeans’ followed by the stretch routines which  were always to Barbara Streisand or Elaine Paige songs.  The good thing about using records for the songs was that there was always a little break while we waiting for our leotarded leader to change the record, time to catch your breath and get a little spot of village gossip too!

I am joining in with Maxabella Loves and A Quirky Bird for Weekend Rewind, which as usual is full of great reading!

I hope your week was ace and you are looking back over it with a smile.

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I live in St Louis, MO, but I am originally from Lincoln, Great Britain. My family and I have lived in the Mid West for over 15 years now. My blog is www.catseatdogs.com where I blog and chat about all kinds of creative stuff.


  1. A lovely update Clare, I am the opposite in regards to exercise, I find exercise a huge chore and while I want to be fit and healthy, I don’t want to put in the hard yards to achieve those abs! Always more books to read instead hehe.

    • Walk and listen to audio books Lisa, that should cover all bases. My hard abs are safe and well under a protective layer of wobble!!!

  2. nice neighbor!
    i like to walk, that’s my thing. i used to be a runner but now my knee says NO, so i walk. i do drop in on a yoga class now and then.
    zumba i tried once, not for me.

    • I used to run too, but my hips said no!! I like yoga but I am so bad at it, I can barely sit cross legged! We used to have a great Zumba teacher at the Y, but now it is just awkward shuffling about to bad music, so I give it a miss.

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