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One + Four = Life 16/52

The Armory St Louis
The Grove, St Louis, MO

1. I went on a Goodwill Outlet field trip with my friend (who knows the way!) on the train.  I got a few bits and bobs including some snaps of the old St Louis Armory which stands next to the Goodwill building.  Of course I am the person that stands to get photos in a rather dodgy area of the city.  I couldn’t resist this great old building and I was quick!  St Louis seems to be chock full of old impressive buildings which are left to ruin, hopefully this one will be developed without destroying it.

2. While mowing my neighbor’s front grass – yes, it is that time again, mow mow mow – I smelt the lilac before I glanced up and spotted it.  So beautiful, I finished the mow and went home to get my camera to get a snap.

3. ‘Record Store Day’ was Saturday so we headed to The Grove in St Louis, for a coffee and a wander around and while we were wandering I spotted this amazing art on the side of a building.  The Grove is full of street art but this one caught my attention, the boys thought she was a bit creepy, but I just think she is in a pondering mood.

4. It rained lots over the weekend and the woods was a green as could be yesterday when we went for a little explore.

I am joining with Pip at Meet me at Mikes for One+Four=Life, pop over and see more shots of weekly life!



    • Thanks Stephanie, there is lots of new art in that area, I need to get down there with my big girl camera and get some pics!

  1. Beautiful shots, all of them, but the lilac and the green, green woods just had me wanting to dive right into them! And what a lovely good deed to mow your neighbours’ lawn 🙂 xx

    • Thanks Rebecca, the lilac smells as beautiful as it looks, I couldn’t believe the green of the woods, everything has just grown so quickly! We live on a great street where we all mind each other’s houses and animals and even kids when needed!

  2. I can’t believe you live near ‘the woods’…too cool for school. Your photos are stunning, and that old Armory building is beautiful. I’d love to go to St Louis one day. I assume all the ‘meet you in St Louis’ jokes have already been made? 😉 x

    • I will ‘meet you in St Louis’ Isabel! We go through the woods on most days to get somewhere.

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