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Earth Day DIY Upcycled Necklace

This week I saw a lovely necklace made from painted wooden beads and decided to make one for myself.  I have some wood beads which I bought from the Upcycle exchange here in St Louis and they are ideal for this little project.

A spot of upcycling and DIY on Earth day, don’t mind if I do!

DIY painted bead necklace

I grabbed a few colours of the new ‘Hand Made Modern‘ craft paint in Target. It took me a few minutes to decide on a palette, there is great range of colours.  Once home, I ripped open a used paper shopping bag to protect the table, cracked open the paints and got painting.

DIY painted bead necklace

To keep hold of the beads without getting  myself covered in paint, I put each one on a cocktail stick so that I could hold it to paint and then balance it across a narrow necked jar to dry. Just be sure that the stick reaches each side of the jar or beads fall and paint is ruined and swears burst forth.  I may have done all of this….

DIY Painted bead Necklace

Once the masterpieces are all dry, they can be threaded onto the leather cord for wearing.  To fasten, you can just tie a knot at the back and you are done, or I like to use a sliding knot.

I started with a 40 inch length of leather which I find is a good length to make a finished necklace which can be worn short or long.

To make the sliding knot, I followed this video.  This is a great knot to know as it means you don’t need to buy and add a fastener and the necklace can be worn longer or shorter. Hurrah for choice!!

DIY painted bead necklace

I love to be able to whip up a necklace to wear, this one will be perfect for the Spring weather.

Happy Earth Day!


  1. FUN!!!!!
    i was thinking about you. just back from paris and happened upon a most fabulous scent ”rose-cardamom-black pepper” ghaaaaa so fab exotic!

  2. Those beads look lovely Clare. We don’t get that paint in Target in Australia , i think Target in America must me much more creative! I’ll show this to my daughters who are keen to do some painted bead necklaces.

    • Thanks Emily, I think your Target is a different company than ours. You would think they would think up different names wouldn’t you! I am sure any acrylic paint will work fine.

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