'I like' Friday
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‘I like’ Friday – the Mandala edition.


I have been looking at and drawing and making lots of mandalas lately. It all started when I did Susannah Conway‘s new year workbook – ‘Unravelling the Year Ahead’ and at the end were some beautiful mandalas, placed to inspire our word for 2015 and aid the search for said word.  They looked equally complicated and simple and so lovely to look at.

I loved the mandalas so much I decided to research further about how to get started drawing them and what they mean and symbolise.  I found lots of ‘colouring in’ mandala books which I am not really into, I am more about the lines than the inside colours and don’t tend to color in the ones I draw, so I won’t be colouring a book full.

When I came across the 100 Day Project I decided to make and draw mandalas for 100 days and I am really enjoying it, we have just reached double digits as we are on day 12 today.  All of my mandalas are on Instagram under my account Girl Fifteen using the hashtag #100daysofmakingmandalas.

I found a couple of instructional posts and pins online which were very helpful in getting down the starting lines and circles.   Once I had the basic understanding of the starting points, the most inspiration I have had has been from Instagram.  There is a vast selection of amazing artists who draw and make mandalas and all so different and inspiring.

So I thought that today I would share some of these Instagram accounts with you.  Here are some of my favourites.

Art_And_Soul_Designs Amazing black and white mandala designs from this 15 year old!

Japanaman The details in the mandalas and art by Japanaman are astounding.

Karolinedania Also making mandalas for The 100 day project, Karoline makes 3D mandalas full of life.

Kutztownyoga Mandalas and yoga on this account.

Zendala Creations makes beautiful doodles and mandalas using zentangle inspirations.

Happy Happy weekend!


  1. I am loving mandalas at the moment too Clare even though I am not drawing them. Lately they seem to be haunting me when I look a rugs, quilt covers, women’s tops or wall hangings. The 100 Day Project certainly gets the creative juices flowing. Well done x

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