Through The Lens Thursday
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Through the Lens Thursday 16. Yellow.

Yellow tulips
Since I took this photo of yellow tulips for this week’s Through The Lens Thursday prompt, I have been seeing yellow things all over the place.

I went on a thrifting adventure this morning at Goodwill Outlet (the place where second hand goods go to end their days) and saw a yellow cake stand (which I bought), a yellow teapot (had a chip in the spout so I left it), a yellow banana shaped change purse (bought) and a yellow vintage Lipton iced tea jug (kind of wish I had bought it). I even found some fab yellow thread on a vintage wooden spool and bought it with about 15 other spools once I had dug them out.

Isn’t it funny how once you start looking for something, you see it everywhere!

I took the tulip photo earlier this week after a downpour and I am pleased with the effect the raindrops have on the picture, especially the ‘highlight’ tulip in the middle.

Today the yellow sun is shining and it is nice and warm, so no complaints here.  Happy Thursday!



  1. I have always found it interesting the way the brain will sort stimulus according to recent discussions or ideas. Like the way you never see a particular model of car until you have bought one, and suddenly they are everywhere. Or you have never heard a particular word and then all of a sudden it is peppered through so many conversations.
    Your thrifting trip sounds like fun. I haven’t been into a thrift store for ages. Must scratch that itch…!

    • It is a funny thing isn’t it? You think of someone and they will call or you will see them.
      Yes, you must get to a thrift shop and get some bargains!

  2. Ah yes! I’ve done that so many times where you notice or think of something and then it suddenly pops up everywhere you look! I love a good thrift shop [or opportunity (op) shop over here]. The vintage Lipton iced tea jug does sound delightful! Maybe you could go back for it? Lovely post, Clare 🙂

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