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Weekly Photos 12/52 and Living Arrows

This past week I started to fill my album of photos for 2014, I am using Project Life by Becky Higgins photo sleeves and a ring binder to keep them in.  I think that this may mean that I am dipping my chilly toes into the world of scrapbooking, but I am mainly using the albums and sleeves for photos and write up about the photos, rather than stickers and stamps and quotes.  Of course I can’t promise that I won’t enter the world of stickers and scrapbooking doodads (is that an actual word?  I am not sure), but I am thinking I can hold off for now.  I have painted a few cards to go with the photos and I am happy with the way it is turning out so far.  I will get a few more pages done and I will share them with you.  So far here are some of the cards I painted with brush script to go among the photos.

The bulbs are starting to peek up through the dead grass, they look like eggs with their white petals and yellow stamen!

I am loving these wooden beads and I can’t wait to make jewels with them.

At the weekend ,we went to the Farmer’s Market at Schlafly Bottleworks and spotted one of the 250 birthday cakes celebrating St Louis’s 250th birthday.

Then at the Mastodon State Historic Park, there was another one!  We had a great time at the park and museum checking out the dinosaur bones and hunting for cool rocks in the creek, we found a trilobite fossil which was very cool!













This last photo is part of the Living Arrows project headed up by I Heart Snapping, perfectly catching Mr Y as he leaps of a mound of gravel!

We are off school this week, so we have a few adventures planned! Have a great week.


  1. I love the tags, you inspire to me try typography along with the botanical themed painting we have been doing of late. Promise me you’ll IG or blogpost the beads once you make them over. You know they would look really cool as they are too. I have a wooden string of prayer beads that I’ve worn daily for the past couple of months. There is something comforting and earthy about wearing wooden beads. Love the photos hun. have a good week. xx

    • Thanks Mandi, I am looking at long necklaces and simple adjustable leather and wood necklaces too. I will be posting when I have made a few. You are right, I love the feel of wood too, light and never freezing cold like glass or metal! Clare x

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