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Weekly Photos 44/52

1. Seed pods gathered while out on a walk in the neighborhood. 2. I have spotted some beautiful mushrooms this week! 3. Some beads I have pulled out of my collection to make into bracelets. 4.  This mushroom has been nibbled but look at the gorgeous colours inside. 5. The lights for  ‘Winter Wonderland’ are being set up amid the autumn leaves at a local park. 6. These crunchy seeds are crowding in the setting sun. At last Autumn is here, chilly mornings and nights with sunny days.  Changing the clocks might take a week to get used to, but I have to say that I rather like the darker evenings, especially with soup and fresh bread for dinner. Happy Monday x

Four + One = Life. Weekly Photos 45/52.

1. Blue sky and orange leaves, one of the best things about this time of year. 2. I snagged some hydrangeas this week and even thought they are kind of past their prime, they are still so striking.  This book is my new favorite cookbook and I was happy to see that there are more books by the same lady which I have ordered from the library.  Hurrah for libraries! 3. These mica powders arrived this week which I am excited to be able to add to lip balms and maybe a gentle blush with a hint of shimmer.  I will be sure to let you know how they turn out. 4. It is not tennis weather  I know, but my youngest and I decided this weekend was the time to channel our inner Wimbledon.  I thought I  would wear alternative tennis attire as you can see and jeans and boots worked just fine in our friendly knock about.  We found this ball at the tennis courts which has a valuable message – Practice. Yes …

One+Four=Life. Weekly Photos 44/52.

1. I went to see Twenty One Pilots in concert this weekend with my teen.  They are so good live, they put on an amazing show and they are funny and chatty too.  I do like some entertaining chat when I see bands live, nothing more boring than a band who just warbles through their back catalogue then leaves.  There is nothing boring about a Twenty One Pilots concert, and not to sound like a middle aged mama, but I just love that they don’t swear every other word.  Most bands seem to think they have to ‘f and blind’ (now I sound like a right old fart) the whole way through their set. Not true!  I took this photo using the Hipstamatic app on my iPhone. 2. On Sunday morning there was a bit of fog hanging about so I went out for a little walk into the woods to see if the fog was worth a photo.  No fog to speak of, it was all in the tops of the trees, but the …

‘I Like’ Friday.

It has been ages since I wrote an ‘I like’ Friday post.  I have been liking lots of ace things, but I haven’t shared, how rude! So I plan to put that right and keep the ‘I like’s coming on a regular Friday basis.  A little gratitude sharing as well as things I like , it is important to look back and remember the good things from a week or a day isn’t it. My lovely neighbour brought me a piece of freshly made coffee cake this morning, it was delicious and I was very happy to have been the lucky recipient. What else have I been liking this week? I have been gathering some Christmas presents in earnest, I like to get organised for Christmas pretty early, so I don’t run out of time to mail it all back to the UK.  I enjoy buying gifts for people, it is so nice to think about what they might like (and hopefully get it right). The weather has been a dream this week, cooler mornings …

Weekly Photos 44/52, 2014.

          1. Soldier helmet, all ready for the Halloween costume. 2. The first frost of the season arrived this week, so I harvested all of the green tomatoes before they got frosty! 3. The last Lavender harvest which is now hanging in the basement.  I have a jam jar full of dried lavender all ready to make into pretty Lavender bags. 4. and 5.  Playing conkers in the back garden. How was your week?  Very good I hope and here’s looking forward to a new week.  

Weekly Photos 40/52

  1. At last the chili peppers are growing!  I only planted them in April….  Now I just hope I get a little crop before the frost comes. 2. I am happy to be harvesting lavender still. 3. Three long or short necklaces, soon to be added to my Etsy shop.  I made me one too (of course) and they are super casual and full of good energies. 4. Woodland floor, Autumn edition. 5. Art at the Metro-Link. 6. Flowers in bloom at the St Louis Zoo. 7.  Elephant fountain at the Zoo all ready for Halloween! 8. I spotted a new favourite at the St Louis Art Museum. I hope you had a fab week and that the week ahead will be wonderful for you!  

Photo a Day September 2014

1.  In my cup.  Soft serve and sprinkles, the best! 2.  Stripes.  My phone case is a toddler mitten!  It works very well. 3.  Button.  Lucky Day pearl button. 4. DIY.  I bought this necklace from Goodwill to DIY into something else, but decided to keep it as it is, I like it so much. 5.  Upside Down.  I am sure I thought this was a very good idea at the time.  #worstselfieideaever 6. I need….  the weather to cool down so that I can wear my boots! 7.  Father. 8.  Broken. 9.  Orange.  First Autumn leaves are falling. 10.  Repetition.  Mushroom gills. 11.  How I Feel Today.  Like a reflection in a dark window.  Nice buttons though! 12.  Spring/Fall.  Autumn treasures. 13.  Out of Place.  The cookie was supposed to be the ‘out of place’ object, but I think my shoes are more out of place! 14.  Healthy.  Farm stand watermelons for sale. 15.  Remember.  The lovely sunflower is now turning to birdseed.  Still cool. 16.  I don’t like.  Trying to figure out how …

Weekly Photos 39/52

            1.  The trees are just starting to change into their Autumn colours. 2.  Newly listed wrap bracelet in my Etsy shop, this week I am working on some necklaces. Yay! 3.  We spotted these bright orange beauties on the way to school. 4.  At the weekend we cruised the ‘Tri City’ yard sale event which is held locally.  Lots of yard sales to check out and I saw this lovely Spinning Wheel but left it behind.  I don’t see spinning in my future!  Love the graphics on the box though. 5.  We have seen this Box Turtle in the woods a few times this week and on Saturday he was walking up the middle of the road, so we intervened and took him back to the woods.  I hope he wasn’t on his way somewhere important… 6.  Apparently this soda was discontinued in the early 1990’s, so this was a cool find in the woods this weekend.  I like the graphics on this label too.  Amazing to think it …

Pom Pom Acorns

Acorns and leaves and mushrooms and pumpkins. All lovely Autumn things along with apples and chilly night-times and sunny days. What better way to celebrate than with a slice of pumpkin bread, a rosemary syrup latte and a cute pom pom acorn or two! I had some big acorn cups hanging around (as you do) and I decided to make some mini pom poms to create little fluffy acorns.   To start I made little pom poms using the smallest maker I have which makes poms about 4cm across.  I trimmed them into an acorn shape keeping them the right size for the acorn cups.  You can trim them down as small as you need, just be careful not to cut it in half!   I used liquid glue around the inside of the acorn and popped the pom pom acorn in.  Ta Dah!  Pom pom acorns.  Why not make lots for a lovely Autumnal display?