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One+Four=Life. Weekly Photos 44/52.

Twenty One Pilots concert

Dew on leaves

Door detail. Cherokee Street

Tinkersketch Day 1

1. I went to see Twenty One Pilots in concert this weekend with my teen.  They are so good live, they put on an amazing show and they are funny and chatty too.  I do like some entertaining chat when I see bands live, nothing more boring than a band who just warbles through their back catalogue then leaves.  There is nothing boring about a Twenty One Pilots concert, and not to sound like a middle aged mama, but I just love that they don’t swear every other word.  Most bands seem to think they have to ‘f and blind’ (now I sound like a right old fart) the whole way through their set. Not true!  I took this photo using the Hipstamatic app on my iPhone.

2. On Sunday morning there was a bit of fog hanging about so I went out for a little walk into the woods to see if the fog was worth a photo.  No fog to speak of, it was all in the tops of the trees, but the dew left behind had coated these red leaves rather dramatically.

3. I liked the way the shadows were dancing on this door on Cherokee Street on Sunday morning.

4. This week saw the start of the Tinkersketch challenge hosted by Tinkerlab, get all the details here if you fancy sketching/making art every day through November.  For day one, the prompt was ‘Pattern’, so made a pattern tile and repeated it over the page then added some extra lines and colour.  Maybe I do like coloring in after all!

Lots going on in November, it is one of my favorite months. Could be cold, could be warm, but the trees will be gorgeous.  It has my birthday in it too. The kids get three days off school for the Thanksgiving break, so we all get to drive each other nuts!

I am joining with Isabel and friends at Nanjing Nian for a One+Four=Life party.

Happy Monday!


  1. Such lovely photos! I love the Hipstamatic band photo and the door is beautiful…and the leaves. Such a pretty colour. Enjoy your unpredictable November weather x

    • Thanks Carolyn, the buildings on that street are all very cool. Mostly original and lots with original doors and windows as you can see here!

  2. What a cool mum you are, going to concerts and snapping bands with the Hipstamatic app. Thumbs up! And I couldn’t agree more re constant swearing. Who needs it? That doesn’t make you old, just makes you a nice person with good manners 🙂

    • I don’t mind funny swearing every so often, but I don’t like to hear it every other word and shouty!

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