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‘I like’ Fridays. The Happy Edition.

TTLT #44 Happy

Sticks TTLT #44 Happy


Things that have made me happy this week are-

Making green tomato pickles.

That my kids like the pickles I have already made.

Rock cakes.

Cutting the branches into a stick pile in the garden.

Watching my last four aubergines grow.

Playing with Zentangle and finding cool posts like this one from Craftwhack.

Looking forward to the November Tinkerlab sketching challenge.

Halloween treats from Grandma in England (chocolate eyeballs!).

Successful school Halloween parties.

Scoring some great bargains at Goodwill, in this weeks haul, we got a 1960’s baby blue typewriter (which was very heavy to carry home!), some milk glass mugs and a ‘Tornado’ maker!

Playing Cluedo with the kids.

Watching the Great British Baking Show on PBS.

The chilly weather and crunchy leaves.

Power Yoga at Core 3 Fitness.

What has been making you happy?  Lots of things I hope.

I have included this week’s Through The Lens Thursday in today’s post as I missed it yesterday (oopsie).  This week’s prompt is ‘Happy’, pop over to Greta’s blog to see her photos too.  She is the fearless leader of Through the Lens Thursday.

Happy Friday and have a lovely weekend!


  1. I want a typewriter!!!

    All of those things (except maybe the tomato pickles?) would make me super happy, too.

    • Not a tomato pickle fan?! I just need to get a ribbon for the typewriter and hopefully I can type some bad spelling in some wonky lines!

  2. lots of happy things!
    mine this weekend.. frosty mornings under a blanket with a spiced chai latte, sunshine, browned butter and sage with gnocchi, long walks with husband.

    • Sounds like a good weekend! We are back to warm afternoons which has meant foggy mornings. Secretly I want frost!!

  3. I remember my Grade 3 teacher giving me a typewriter at the end of term. I was SO excited and proud.
    Those green pickles look delicious, how great that your kids enjoy them, and I LOVE the Great British Baking Show. Although why did they change it from the Great British Bake-Off? I liked that name even more! x

    • I wonder why they changed the name of Bake Off too? A bit weird I think, but then what do I know! Blimey, a typewriter is quite a gift!

    • I can’t wait to get a ribbon for the typewriter and have a bang away at the keys, then wonder where spell correct is!!

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