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Weekly Photos 39/52













1.  The trees are just starting to change into their Autumn colours.

2.  Newly listed wrap bracelet in my Etsy shop, this week I am working on some necklaces. Yay!

3.  We spotted these bright orange beauties on the way to school.

4.  At the weekend we cruised the ‘Tri City’ yard sale event which is held locally.  Lots of yard sales to check out and I saw this lovely Spinning Wheel but left it behind.  I don’t see spinning in my future!  Love the graphics on the box though.

5.  We have seen this Box Turtle in the woods a few times this week and on Saturday he was walking up the middle of the road, so we intervened and took him back to the woods.  I hope he wasn’t on his way somewhere important…

6.  Apparently this soda was discontinued in the early 1990’s, so this was a cool find in the woods this weekend.  I like the graphics on this label too.  Amazing to think it was laying in the undergrowth for at least two decades and the colours are still nice and bright.

The mornings and evenings are getting cooler and darker as we head into Autumn, it has been pretty warm in the afternoons still, so definitely layers weather.  Are you enjoying the early Autumn or the early Spring?  I am very much loving the Autumn!


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