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Through The Lens Thursday 39. Away.

Through The Lens Thursday 39.  Away


Through The Lens Thursday 39. Away.


For this week’s Through the Lens Thursday our fearless leaders from GFunkified and Writing Wishing blogs prompted us to take photos around the theme – away.

So I grabbed my vintage luggage and took a pretend ‘going away’ photo.  I would love to use these cases to travel, at the minute they have wool (big Samsonite) and buttons on cards (mushrooms) in them!

While I was getting my settings sorted on my camera, I noticed the blimp way up in the sky, pretty far away.  Double ‘away’ whammy this week.  I feel like a bit of an over achiever!  Ha.

Are you participating in any challenges this year?  Photography or otherwise.  How is it going?  We are into the last third of the year, so if you are still keeping up with your challenge I applaud you.  It can be pretty hard to keep momentum even with a weekly challenge such as this.

I also do a photo a day with Fat Mum Slim‘s prompts and I have got into such a habit with it, I check my prompt every morning and keep my phone with me to capture suitable pics.

Happy Thursday!



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