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Four + One = Life. Weekly Photos 45/52.

Autumn Sky

Book and Hydrangeas

Mica powders

Tennis in boots

1. Blue sky and orange leaves, one of the best things about this time of year.

2. I snagged some hydrangeas this week and even thought they are kind of past their prime, they are still so striking.  This book is my new favorite cookbook and I was happy to see that there are more books by the same lady which I have ordered from the library.  Hurrah for libraries!

3. These mica powders arrived this week which I am excited to be able to add to lip balms and maybe a gentle blush with a hint of shimmer.  I will be sure to let you know how they turn out.

4. It is not tennis weather  I know, but my youngest and I decided this weekend was the time to channel our inner Wimbledon.  I thought I  would wear alternative tennis attire as you can see and jeans and boots worked just fine in our friendly knock about.  We found this ball at the tennis courts which has a valuable message – Practice. Yes indeed, I need lots of that, maybe in the correct shoes next time!

A good week was had, the weather was Novembery and full of Autumn which is how I like it!  I hope you had a fab week and enjoy the week ahead.

I am joining with Isabel at Nanjing Nian in this week’s Four+One=Life post, pop over and see what everyone has been up to!

Happy Monday!


  1. Sounds like a fun week Clare. Love the autumn leaves against the blue sky, and good on for having a hit of tennis. I love tennis but like you, need lots of practice before giving Serena a run for her money 🙂 Ha! Those powders look pretty too. x

    • Oh I am terrible at tennis! We just like to have a run about and laugh at each other wildly missing the ball! I am making some lippy this week, fingers crossed.

  2. I love the complimentary colour combo of blue and orange in the first photo, Clare. And I think hydrangeas often look best when they are past their blooming freshness. Yes, yay for libraries. I have a post on the way about them!

    • Nature knows how to do it right! I look forward to your library post, I am at our library almost every day!!

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