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Coloring Sheets for Adults (or anyone!)

Creativity is a marvelous thing in my opinion and I think we can all be creative in one way or another.  A very popular way of celebrating our personal creativity is a coloring book.  Now adults get their own, instead of shoving the kids out of the way and nicking their favorite pencils, we can officially have our own book and choose our own pencil case and fill it with abandon (or pens, whichever you prefer).

I love to doodle and draw and I will often color in my own pictures, but I don’t color in official books.  Having said that there are lots of amazing coloring books to be had, featuring everything from patterns to seasonal pictures via mandalas and animal kingdoms.

As I was doodling around and coloring in my sheets of drawings, I thought maybe you might like a coloring sheet to print off and get stuck in, right now!  Grab those pens/pencils/paints/crayons and print one of my coloring sheets.  I made two for you.  Just click on either image to get the printable version.



Print the circles by clicking on the image or print the village by clicking on that image. Have fun coloring and maybe you fancy adding some doodle onto the blank circles and houses and trees!

Looking for more? Some very cool coloring books I have seen are-

Special Edition Coloring Book from Flow magazine.

Coloring books by Lisa Congdon are super fun.

Johanna Basford coloring books are gorgeous.

There are a gazillion of them, so happy coloring!  I hope you enjoy coloring in my pages too, there are more to come!



    • Thanks Rebecca! I hope lots of people print and colour them in. They were super fun to make, I will be doing more I think.

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