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Weekly Photos 40/52

Chili peppers


CatsEatDogs necklaces

Woodland floor

Skinker Metro

St Louis Zoo

St Louis Zoo



1. At last the chili peppers are growing!  I only planted them in April….  Now I just hope I get a little crop before the frost comes.

2. I am happy to be harvesting lavender still.

3. Three long or short necklaces, soon to be added to my Etsy shop.  I made me one too (of course) and they are super casual and full of good energies.

4. Woodland floor, Autumn edition.

5. Art at the Metro-Link.

6. Flowers in bloom at the St Louis Zoo.

7.  Elephant fountain at the Zoo all ready for Halloween!

8. I spotted a new favourite at the St Louis Art Museum.

I hope you had a fab week and that the week ahead will be wonderful for you!



  1. Great photos, I’m been admiring them on Instagram 🙂 Great necklaces and love that painting too!

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