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Through the Lens Thursday #41 Deception

Through the Lens Thursday #41 Deception

Through The Lens Thursday #41 Deception


Well this was a hard one.  Deception.  Not really sure what to photo for it.  So I took myself out in the gloom and the rain to see what I could see.

I decided that the arrows on the trail could be deceptive.  I mean, which way to go?  Follow or not?  Why so many arrows?

The reflections on the black path looked a little eerie and dark, invoking the idea of possible deception. Sometimes reflections of the trees in puddles make it look like they go on forever, downwards.  Deceptive.  Be careful not to step in those puddles…


I put some film into my Minolta 35mm camera this week and I am planning to use that on manual too, so I will continue to learn as I shoot some film.  There are a couple of lenses with it too, so I am looking forward to using them.  The first thing I will learn is to plan the photo and not take a bazillion photos to get one shot.  I see note taking as well as photo taking in my future.

Do you still use film camera?  Would you consider it?  At least you don’t have to worry about printing, it is the only option to see what you have!  I am looking forward to that part, collecting the prints and checking out my successes (hopefully!).

Happy end of the week, I hope you have a fab weekend planned!



  1. Yes, this one was hard. I admit I’m not sorry I missed it, hah!
    I think you did good. I’ve never shot with film before, though I’d love to try. How did you go with it?

    • I have to confess that I haven’t used the Minolta properly yet, I took one photo accidentally when I was trying to figure it all out! I used to use film in the old days (!) and there is something magical about getting prints without seeing what you have taken first.

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