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What I am wearing on this Autumn day.

Girl Fifteen

I bought a new long cardigan this week, so I thought I would share it with you!  Boots and socks are favourite and long cardigans are too.

Long cardi’s are just right for the cooler but not freezing weather and I am sure I can add a scarf, a hat and some gloves when it gets cold.

Did someone say scarf?

Girl Fifteen

I got this scarf because it makes me think of old fashioned travel blankets like the ones my Grandma and Grandad kept in their red Mini.   It could also be worn as a lovely shawl as it is pretty big, but it is lightweight, soft and warm and I love it.  In order to make it look less like a blanket, I grabbed a corner to make it diagonal before putting it on.  This gives a cascade effect rather than a solid look.

What are your Autumn favourites?  Can you believe how grey my hair is?  Honestly, I can’t, I don’t hate it, but I was a little taken aback at my own hair!!

Cardigan – Nordstrom Rack (worst styling ever, what are they thinking with this photo?!), Boots – Timberland (a couple of seasons old), Socks – Zappos, Scarf – Eye Candy Boutique, Pendant – CatsEatDogs


  1. Today was like summer but I am sure ready for fall clothes! Love your outfit! I always wear cardigans and jeans and I just bought my daughter three pairs of super cool knee high striped socks like yours!

  2. I Love this outfit but more than that I love your sexy hair. It’s such a beautiful colour. So glad you persevered

    • It is much lighter than I thought, I wonder if it is partly due to the light on this photo. No going back now! Thanks Michelle x

    • Cheers Deb, I do like a long cardi, but I often ruin them on the first wash! Fingers crossed for this one.

    • Thanks Lila, I am almost happy that the weather is going to be cold this weekend, so I can pop on my new scarf again!

  3. I LOVE this cardi and your hair. I also love the idea of vintage blankets/shawls kept in the car, reminiscent of family journeys. Oh so autumn 🙂

    • Thanks Rebecca, this is my favourite scarf/cardi combo at the minute! I never remember using the car blankets, just them always bring in the car!

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