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Through The Lens Thursday #42. From the Ground.

TTLT #42 From the Ground

For this week’s Through The Lens Thursday prompt I decided to take some photos ‘From the Ground’ looking up and ‘From the Ground’ looking along the aforementioned ground.

This tree has been gradually getting more and more yellow for the past couple of weeks and as it is the only tree which is changing colour so dramatically in it’s area, it is positively glowing.  As we pop out of the woods on our way to school, it almost creates it’s own light as we walk under it.

So, I got down to the ground and rested my camera in the leaves pointing up, and snapped a few pictures of our lovely glowing tree.  The sun came out today after a week’s absence, so that helped too.


I took this photo on the way back to the Metro Link train station after picking up some magazines from the international newsagent.  ‘Frankie’ issue 61 (yes we are two behind, it’s a scandal!) and ‘Kerrang!’ magazine for my teen, in case you are interested in my magazine choice.

There was no-one about, so I had a quick kneel down and again put my camera ‘On the ground’ and got a pretty cool picture of the shadows, railings and roof thingy all heading off into the distance.   This photo makes me want to get out my ruler and a sheet of paper and draw a picture full of perspective and angles and lines.

I hope the sun is shining on you and that you are having a great week!



    • That tree was gorgeous, it is all brown now. I was sitting on the ground with my camera on the ground pointing up and hoping for the best!

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