Through The Lens Thursday
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Sparkle. Through The Lens Thursday #40.

Today I had lost my sparkle big time. You know when you just can’t be bothered? Wonder why you are bothering?  Why am I doing this why am I doing that? What should I be doing? Blah blah blah.

I took a few photos for the sparkle prompt and they were all a bit rubbish. Why bother? Actually,  I did think ‘why am I doing this project?’  I am at week 40 and I have not missed a single Through The Lens Thursday, but why? I might be getting a bit better at using my camera but I am really not understanding all those numbers.  What do they all mean and how is it that they can create a sharp, wonderful shot or destroy it by adding a distinctly non artistic blur.

So, I took myself off to Pilates which is one of the toughest exercise classes I take and believe me, I don’t bother with easy workouts. The weather looked like it might produce something biblical and I almost turned around and went home for fear or getting drenched, blown away or struck by lightning, or heck, the way today is going, all three.
I didn’t go home and the class was great and I saw some friends there, things were starting to look a lot more sparkly.

My friend asked me to help her upcycle some old jewelry to auction for charity which sounds like super cool fun and just what I like to do.  Outside, the sun was shining and the streets were steaming under the heat as I left the gym.

I came home, made lunch, retook my photos and made full use of the direct sunlight to rock that sparkle.  Would you look at that, I even managed to get an actual sparkle on the bracelet, which I didn’t add in an app!  A genuine bling which I am pretty sure I could not reproduce if I tried!



Here are the numbers, which I understood a little bit this time.  ISO 800, 18.00mm, f/22.00, 1/160s.

I am pretty happy with the sparkle on this photo and I have claimed some to add to my day, please feel free to grab some sparkle for your day!

This is a bracelet which I used to wear all the time in the 80’s, I loved diamante and wore as much as I could pile on!

So, the day turned around nicely and I have a lovely sparkle picture, my enthusiasm has returned and my legs are aching already!


  1. How fabulous! That is a REAL sparkle! 🙂 Well done.
    I used to wear bracelet like this one , back in the 80’s 🙂
    Oh, the fond memories.

  2. I’m SO glad that you’re doing this project with Greta and I. Even if we don’t always understand the numbers, I think the very act of taking photographs with intention, is a great learning and whether we try or not, we WILL improve. I think this photo proves that!

    • This project has definitely improved my photography just by the fact that I am taking at least one photo a week with it. So, thank you for coming up with the great idea that is Through The Lens Thursday.

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