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Get Messy Season of Gifts Week 6. Blind Contour Faces.





I have a love/hate relationship with blind contour drawing.  It is super fun to do but the results are always at best hilarious, but more often just horrific!

On a couple of these I cheated a little and looked every so often.  They are all done using a sumi brush and ink except the last one.   The ones which look like a bald monster were done following the rules and no looking, even when I was filling my brush.  While doing the other two, I peeked a couple of times usually when filling my brush.  I think they retain the free and loose effect, but a little less horror story!

The final one is in my handmade journal and I started the page with some vintage dress pattern paper and some pink acrylic paint.  I drew some faces directly onto the page and some onto dry wax paper which I glued over the whole thing.  I also used a water soluble pencil which has dissolved a bit under the matt medium I used to glue the paper down.n

This was the final week of Get Messy’s Season of Gifts.  If you want to join this ace art journaling community go to for all the information.

Happy Thursday x


  1. Ah yes, the blind contour! But there is something rather cool about these, Clare. Picasso and Matisse combined!

  2. medunamoscow says

    I love the thick brush faces! I’m about to try this blind game now 🙂

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