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Art Journaling. Get Messy Season of Gifts Week 5.

I have been playing in my Season of Gifts journal and it is filling up nicely.  I am doing a horrible job at following any prompts, so the gift I am appreciating is the gift of being able to create these pages and share them with you.


Because the journal is all kinds of different papers, not many spreads have the same paper on both sides.  This one has water colour paper on one side which I painted a galaxy using the Liquitex ‘muted’ inks and a white ink as contrast. The other side is the back of the red pattern paper which is really crinkly.  I added my lady and gave her a gold border then I drew with white pen and inadvertently ended up with a cat/owl creature on her headscarf. I have a feeling this character will show up some more now I have ‘invented’ her, I love the idea of an owl/cat creature!


This spread is a magazine cutting of a landscape with a gelli print on dry wax paper glued on top.  I like the vintage book paper peeking through.


This is a rare spread with the same paper as it is in the middle of a signature in my handmade book.  Before I joined the pages into a book, I made a sewn spiral pattern on this page.  I used pink acrylic paint applied with my fingers and some copper ink for the background then I stuck down my crazy girl and painted with silver ink around her.

Get Messy is a wonderful community of art journaling ladies, if you are interested in becoming a Messian, go to for more information.

Happy Thursday!


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