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Weekly Photos 26/52.

Barred Owl
Vintage tray
1. I had a little chat with the local owl this week as he sat on a branch and looked at me over his back. I love that owls can turn their head all the round to face the other way!
2. This tray was in a antique mall and I like the buildings on it and the style in which they are drawn. I didn’t buy the tray, but snapped a photo, so maybe I can get inspiration from it to draw my own cute buildings.
3. The creek has flooded up and down so much lately we haven’t been exploring for a while, but we went for a paddle this weekend and said ‘Hi’ to Mrs Duck and her ducklings as they swam and waddled by us.
4. A mandala and the mess I make when I am drawing and painting them!

I hope you had a good week, the weather here had been a bit bonkers, storms and sun and heat and hail! Hopefully this next week will be more settled.

We have been swimming at the local YMCA almost every day so far and I got a new swim suit today, so I hope it works. My old one was getting very faded and saggy – lovely! Swimwear is my very least favourite form of clothing, but if you want to swim, got to wear the suit. You never know, I might love my new swim shorts and top!

Do you get dragged swimming by the kids in the summer? I am not a sun worshipper, so I am happy to be inside at a pool rather than frying at an outdoor pool. It gets hot here, so I am happy to jump into a cool pool and have a swim about.

Oh, I just stopped writing to do a few stitches of crochet! I am very easily distracted…….

See you next time, Happy Monday!

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  1. Haha, don’t worry we all get distracted at times 🙂 I would kill for a swim in a lovely cool pool. It’s so hot here in China but there are no nice public outdoor pools, only slightly gross indoor ones full of chlorine. And you can’t swim in the rivers or streams as they’re so polluted…what a shame! Looking forward to some swims back in Australia over summer x

    • Ha, the pool we go to is at the YMCA and the camp kids are in there every day doing goodness knows what in the water. The chlorine levels rise and rise and rise by the end of the summer I am sure!

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