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August Break 25-31 and Weekly photos 35/52.

Last week saw the end of The August Break for 2014, Susannah always comes up with interesting prompts and tips and techniques which is a great bonus.  So here are the grand finale photos, until next year.

August Break 2014 Little

25.  Little.

The August Break 2014.  Morning.26.  Morning.

The August Break.  Lines.


27.  Lines.

The August Break.  Something New.

28.  Something New.  A batch of new beads to play with!

The August Break.  Nature.

29.  Nature.

The August Break.  Soft.

30.  Soft.

The August Break.  Love.


Another hot week here in St Louis, hopefully now that we have entered September the weather will start to cool off a little.  I am ready for all things Autumn – pumpkins, apples, cinnamon and everything they can be put in!

Here are a few snaps from last week.


Tie Dye

Vintage Barbie Doll Box

Doll Box


1.  My mushroom obsession continues!

2.  The local library had a tie craft event, it was a big success and the kids all made cool shirts.  I had a go at Japanese Shibori dyeing, and I want to do more and when I do, I will be sure to share.

3. & 4. Vintage doll carry boxes in an antique mall.

Have a lovely week!  I will share my August Photo a Day pictures on Wednesday, so see you then!



  1. Love your photos, so inspiring. Those mushrooms are cool and your library has way better activities than ours. The Barbie cases are neat too.

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