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Through The Lens Thursday 35. Texture.

TTLT Sunflower TextureThis week in the world of Through The Lens Thursday, the prompt is texture.  I was all set to head into the woods ready to throw myself onto the damp leafy path to catch a photo of a newly grown mushroom or get a shot of some interesting tree bark.  Then I opened my back door to check on the tomatoes and there was our only surviving sunflower gently turning to seed to feed the pretty yellow bird which likes to sit on the flower and have a snack.

What beautiful texture right here, the flowers in the middle of the flower, the drying petals and the forming seeds.  We will harvest some seeds when they are ready and hopefully have a lovely yellow sunflower crop next summer.

Have you been growing this summer or are you planning to grow (depending on which season you are heading into)?  I have kale and beetroot seedlings peeking through for a lovely Fall crop.



  1. That’s lovely! I love sunflowers, and confess, I’ve never seen one turning to seed before. Great click!

  2. I love those tiny little flowers-within-a-flower! I miss my garden, but it was overgrown with weeds last year and I decided I still didn’t have time to really take care of it this year. So, right now, there are weeds growing on the plot that are twice as tall as I am. Sigh.

    • Sunflowers are so cool! I think you need to rename your garden a prairie or a wildflower sanctuary, I bet there are some pretty weeds out there.

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