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15 reasons I am a good Mum.

I read this post over at Writing Wishing via Miss Elaine-ous Life and decided to take Alison and Elaine up on the offer to write about why I am a good Mum, in my humble opinion.

We are often so self doubting in the parenting department, each book and advice filled blog telling us something we should or absolutely should not be doing.  Are we doing too much or too little?  Pushing the kids too much or not enough?  Phew, it is exhausting to think about.  So, let’s have a little think about all the fab things we do and how well we do them.

Are you a Mum? I bet there are a million reasons why you are a good Mum, want to share? Leave a comment or write a post and leave me a link in the comments.  Don’t be modest, go for it!

Here are 15 of my Good Mum moments.

1. My 13 year old still talks to me and walks with me and sometimes even listens to me.  We went to Warped tour 2014 this summer and had a great time!


2. I go into the creek in my wellies in all weather (except flooding weather..) with my 9 year old to hunt for cool stuff like rocks, crayfish and marbles (we find quite a few marbles down there!).


3. I trawl the library online system for books I think my boys will like. At the minute it is graphic novels and stamp and coin collecting books.

4. I take them to giant candy stores and let them choose (within reason….)

Rocket Fizz STL

5. I read to my 9 year old every night and I will be super sad when he no longer wants me to. I am not yet over the loss of reading picture books.

6. I will help build any Playmobil/army base when and where it is needed!  Outside in the mud or inside on the carpet, bases will be built.


7. All birthday cakes are home made and ‘designed’ by me.

8. I sort through the Lego drawers in search of the very specific pieces needed to build the latest masterpiece.

9. I will help build Lego or Mega Bloks following the instructions with minimal swearing.

10. I take cookie or cake requests and make them. Double chocolate muffins are the current favourite along with Snickerdoodles.

11. Every time I make coffee, I make enough for my teen and me!

12. We walk to school every day rain, shine, snow or ice!  Keeping up starts my day with a little jog!  Yes, I know this photo is completely out of focus, but I love that it captures the racing bike through the woods with so much action.


13. I bravely vacuum spider webs from under the bunk beds.

14. I remind them of upcoming tests and deadlines for school.

15. I go on school field trips and take way too many photos.  In fact there is a field trip this week and they don’t need parents and I am gutted!  I wonder if I beg them, I can go?!

Your turn.  Why are you an amazing Mum or Dad?  So many reasons, tell me all of them!




  1. Oh my gosh, I forgot to mention all the LEGO stuff I do too! ha! 😉 You and I are kindred Mums!

    I am SO glad you chose to create a post too, thank you!

    • It was so much fun! Once I had got over the ‘blowing your own trumpet’ hurdle. Yes, Lego is an important one!

  2. This is awesome. I love it. There should be more celebrating of awesomeness in the bloggersphere.
    Your boys are super lucky to have you as their Mum 🙂

  3. These things make you a great mom! That cake is awesome! I love that you can walk to school through the woods.

  4. I think you are allowed to blow your own trumpet Clare! Well done! You sound like an awesome mum. I love that cake too. I make all the kids cakes and birthday cards. Once I ran out of time and bought a sponge cake and card from the shops and they said “What is this crap?”. I learned my lesson quickly. x

  5. Parenting has got to be one of the hardest things we do. We are under such pressure to create these little beings that are going to contribute positively to society that we are so afraid of messing it up. I love the idea of declaring why we are such good mums. I love every one of your reasons, especially that totally awesome cake, but what I love most is that you are totally wired into your own children and their needs and they will love you all the more for it. Thanks for sharing xx

    • Thanks so much Sarah, every Mum should write all the reasons down, even if it on a scrap of paper! x

  6. Jenny @ ohjoh says

    Love your post.
    My kids are still breathing, fighting and often laughing so I think I’m doing a good job.
    Awesome cake and I’m with you on the picture books.

    • Agree Jenny, a quick check every so often to make sure they are where they should be and all is well! I think I will have to volunteer to read for Kindergarten or in the children’s library.

  7. Reannon @shewhorambles says

    Such an awesome idea! So often as a mum I focus on what I think I fail at & hardly ever stop to think about all the great things I do. I really must try & shift my focus 🙂

    • Sounds like you need to write a post Reannon! It is weird though to start with, you feel like you are being a show off!

    • Thanks Naomi, I think this is a great post idea and I am so please I found it at Writing Wishing.

  8. Love this idea! That photo of running through the woods really paints a picture. And thanks for reminding me that I should appreciate my kids wanting me to read to them at the end of the day. Sometimes I don’t appreciate it and I should remember to hold onto those moments.

    • That cake was so easy and yummy! I am fairly sure you need to write a ‘good Mum’ post Simone x

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