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The August Break 18-24 and Weekly Photos 34/52.

Last week was hot hot and more hot with a lot of humidity.  That thick, custardy air which hits you in the face like a hair dryer when you open the door.  Lovely.  We have been sweating out all of our toxins, so we will have beautiful skin by the time Autumn arrives.  In the meantime, lots of sweaty laundry.

On the morning walks to school we have been spotting snakes and turtles of various sizes and the mushrooms are abundant which always makes me happy!

The August Break continues, we are almost at the end of August, can you believe it!  Here are photos 18 through 24.


18.  Jump.  Self timer on the camera and tripod and boing boing boing!


19.  Black and White.  One of the lovely mushrooms we spotted this week.


20.  Peaceful.  A new mag and sketchbook and lavender looking for a peaceful moment.

The August Break. Treasures

21.  Treasures. Rocks from the beach, I always look for unusual shapes and rocks with holes.  Marbles from the creek and acorns from the woods.


22.  Shadow.


23.  Adornment.  My most favourite adornment is lots of bracelets!


24.  Memory.  Lots of great games to create good memories.  I hope real life games don’t become a memory in the wake of computer games…

I also managed a few general photos this week.

Petal heart




I saw this lovely petal in the shape of a heart on the pavement this week.

The Hibiscus buds were taken as part of the ‘Green’ prompt for Through the Lens Thursday.

We went exploring in the woods and found this striking lichen on a dead tree trunk as we climbed over it in search of treasures!

Walking home from school, best time of the day.

It is supposed to rain this week and I can’t wait!  Have a wonderful week.




  1. More inspiring photos Clare! I love the pear shaped rock, the jumping, peaceful moment, the games!

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