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Through The Lens Thursday 34. Green.

Green TomatoesFor Through the Lens Thursday this week, the prompt is ‘Green’, so a nice easy one to find.  I wandered into the rain drenched garden (big big storms last night) and snapped a few green items.  The green tomatoes are turning red very kindly as they are ripening just slowly enough that we haven’t had to make tomato based food for a week straight, then no more.  These are cherry tomato plants and I pick 3 or 4 a day which usually get eaten right off the plant or popped in a salad or onto a pizza.  I still have plants full of tomatoes which the squirrels and groundhogs are sharing nicely, so we can look forward to homegrown tomatoes for the rest of the summer!

I like the little droplet on this photo as the plants are just drying from all the rain.

Thanks as always to Greta at Gfunkified and Alison at Writing Wishing for devising Through the Lens Thursday and helping us all improve our photo skills.

Next week is Texture, so that will be a good one too.

What are you seeing through your lens this Thursday?  Lots of lovely things I hope.



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