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August 2014 Photo a Day

August was a month of hot days, school holidays, day trips and returning to school.  I used the prompts from Fat Mum Slim’s Photo a Day challenge and here are my photos from last month.

1.  Landscape

image2.  Lunch

3.  S is for…. Soccer ball, abandonded in the park.


4.  In the Middle.


5.  Three.


6. Grateful for… My little spot on the interwebs!

image7.  Spot.

image8.  Pet Peeve.  Crazy crisp/chip flavours.  These were yukky, in case you are interested!

image9.  Mix.  Silver fabric and sewing machine mixed to make a bag.

image10.  Art.  The art of finding treasure in the creek.  The watch is one of our favourite finds so far.

image11. Mirror.  In the grass reflecting the clouds.

image12. Gather.

image13.  Inside.  Wanting to look inside this lot!

image14.  Give.  Thanks Grandma for giving us some Dandelion and Burdock sweets.

image15.  Clouds.

image16.  Clean.  This old dinosaur needs a clean.

image17.  Dinner.

image18.  Arrow.

image19.  To-Do.  Get a film in this vintage camera and get snapping the ole fashioned way.

image20.  Before Bedtime.  We read.  The Misadventures of the Family Fletcher is a good one.

image21.  Decorate.  I love old tins.

image22.  Words.  A wobbly focus shopping list!



23.  Style.  A fish finger sandwich is my lunch style.

image24.  Fragrant.

image25.  Mail.  Some cards I made.

image26.  Breakfast.

image27.  Dull.

image28.  Travel.  Luna travel!

image29.  Dessert.

image30.  Nearby.

image31.  10am.

What did you get up to in August?  I hope it was a good month.  September is here and I am looking forward to all things Autumnal, even though the weather is still pretty hot.  I can still roast squash and drink yummy pumpkin spice coffee!


  1. What a lovely month it must have been for you, Clare! Here, in NZ, it has been cold and windy. And Kiwis don’t do central heating, or even double glazing! So it’s been COLD here. But the spring is on its way 🙂

    • But I bet it is gorgeous Anya! I love that we are looking forward to the new seasons, even if we are opposite.

  2. Did you have breakfast outside with a fancy little tablecloths? You really know how to live! Chips, yuck, bag, awesome!

    • Ha ha, no fancy breakfast here, it is all show! I threw a scarf outside and snapped a pic then carried on inside! Those chips really are gross, see if you can get a bag for the full yukkiness.

  3. I just started Project 365, so I’ve been browsing other projects. I love the variety of your pictures and how they capture the simple moments in life we might take the time to fully enjoy.

    • Thanks for your lovely comment Sally, you will have a great time with Project 365. It is amazing what you see when you are looking for a photo every day!

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