Through The Lens Thursday
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Through The Lens Thursday 36. Golden.



For Through The Lens Thursday we had to find ‘Golden’.  So I found the golden sun which is cooking us up nicely today.  Don’t forget the sunscreen!

I took a few to get the one I liked mainly because I wasn’t looking through the viewfinder directly at the sun, so there was a bit of pointing and clicking and hoping for the best.

Happy Thursday x



  1. I love this photo- sun flare is so wonderful; I love how you went about getting the shot. Sometimes that’s fun to do with non-sun shots, too. Just shoot randomly without looking through the viewfinder and see what weirdness you get.

    • I do this alot with my phone, but not so much with the camera. I suppose I am keen to get it ‘right’ with the camera but experiment more with the iPhone.

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