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Sowing all the Seeds.

One good thing about the summer in the MidWest – it is growing time in the garden! To begin the growing process I start plants like tomatoes and chili peppers around now.

I like to browse the seed aisle and pick out some new varieties.  Last year I was not mad about the beefsteak tomatoes I grew, so I went for a smaller size this year along with the always popular mini tomatoes.  I honed my chili needs down and chose just one variety.  Eggplant/aubergines were a surprise success a couple of years ago, so I grabbed some seeds this year and last but not least I picked some cucumber seeds.

Fresh cucumber, tomatoes and some feta cheese is one of my favorite summer dishes, especially when the cukes and toms are off the plant and still warm from the sun.


How could I resist ‘Brad’s Atomic Grape’ tomatoes or ‘Sunrise Bumblebee’ or even ‘Pink Love Apple’?  All of the seeds I chose are from Missouri businesses, so I am hoping that will make them a good choice for my summer garden.

I received a paper pot maker for Christmas and it is the most fabulous thing, little tiny plant pots made from strips of newspaper, perfect for starting seedlings.  Then of course they can be put into the ground or a pot and the pot will bio-degrade into the soil.




Now my little collection of seeds in soil are sitting on my kitchen windowsill soaking in the sunlight.  If you want to check out where I got my seeds, they are from Baker Creek and SeedGeeks.

Grow seeds grow!

Happy Wednesday x


  1. What a fabulous selection Clare & your paper pots just perfect…I hope after all your love and care you harvest a bumper crop!
    Sorry to hear you’ve had a problem on FB, hope you’re really all ok? xx

  2. Hi Gill, my friend in the UK sent me the pot maker and it is so great! The issues were all sorted out and I think we are playing nicely on FB now! Thanks for asking.

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