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Vintage negatives




We were out and about this weekend and went to an Estate sale to see if there were any treasures to find!

I got a few old books to use for art journaling and a couple of book making tools.  My prize find was this old drawer full to the brim of old negatives.  I saw it and passed it by thinking ‘what am I going to do with them?  I can’t print them, what else can I do with them?’.

Then I stopped at them again and began looking through them, some of the negatives are quite large, about postcard size, some are about two inches square and there are lots of 35mm negatives which I assume are the most recent ones.

Some of the envelopes are marked 1956 and they seem to go to about the nineteen seventies.

I found out that I can scan them and  then use photoshop to make them printable.  So I decided that yes, they would be worth buying so that I can scan and print onto paper or card and use them in journals.

I like to use old photos, but I usually photocopy the originals, so this is perfect, a whole box of images I can print and use!




These are a few I have scanned and messed with.  I haven’t printed any yet, but I will see how these turn out.

I just love the joy in all of these photos, the lady on the swing was the first one I scanned and when I inverted the negative to positive, she just came alive and I smiled the biggest smile!

How about the middle image of the boy at the library, he makes you  want to sit outside and read a book!

The boy and his cow is a great one too,  he looks like the cow is trying to squash the laughter out of him and it is working!!!

I am looking forward to exploring my box of negatives and seeing what other gems are within.

Happy Sunday x


  1. What a really fun find! Load of possibilities. So glad you figured out a way to use them. And, what cool images to boot!

      • Working part time at the library sounds wonderful!if it’s like my local library it will be comfortably quiet and friendly!

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