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Weekly Photos 2017.8/52











1 – 2. Presidents Day was a sunny warm day and we went for a jaunt around Forest Park (along with the rest of St Louis!).

3. Following the strangely warm weather, the apricot tree was in full bloom by mid-week, unfortunately the warm spell was followed by a couple of nights of freezing temperatures, so the flowers are looking a little droopy, but hopefully they will hang on and we will see some fruit.

4 – 5. I met some friends for coffee at Rise coffee and we chatted and drank coffee with a pretty design in the frothy milk!

6 – 8. It was estate sale treasure hunting time on Saturday morning, I didn’t buy the giraffe or the amazing rainbow art (someone had bought that already), but I did get a few bits and bobs.  I usually look for paper I can print or draw on or books I can use as journals, so I found a few books and some old typing paper with a lovely texture.

9. These are some of the books I got at the sale, the small/normal sized books I will most likely use as sketchbooks. The autograph book was a memory book from someone’s school days, so the pages which are written on, I leave be and I will art journal in the empty pages.

10. Check out the size of this dictionary – 2059 pages!  I will be using the pages for printing as they are nice and big and that lovely dictionary texture, super thin but strong paper. The man at the check out joked that there is the internet now as I staggered under the weight of the giant dictionary, I replied that I can’t print on the internet!!  #smartass

Happy Monday x

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