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One + Four = Life. Weekly Photos 47/52.

1+4=Life week 47

1+4=Life week 47

1+4=Life week 47

1+4=Life week 47

I am joining the lovely Isabel from Nanjing Nian blog for this week’s One + Four = Life, a selection of photos taken through the last week.  It has turned cold here and we have had a few frosty mornings with icy puddles.

1. Before it got super cold, we had some torrential rain which rushed down our street, which is a hill, and into the woods.  As it raced along the woodland path, it gouged a path through the layer of leaves.  It looked like someone had got a leaf blower and walked down with the path blasting a narrow gully though the leaves.

2. Some hardy mushrooms keep peeking out, but I don’t suppose I will see many more until Spring now.

3. I made pizza for dinner one night this week, my whole house thought I was a mad person for putting kale on mine, but it went crispy and was delicious.

4. I managed to resist this chocolate in the International supermarket!  We went to stock up on English treats for Christmas – a box of Heroes chocolates, Jelly Babies, Smarties, Celebrations, Elderflower cordial and Hula Hoops to name a few.

Are you stocking up for Christmas?  Or will you grab all the good stuff nearer the date?  How is your weather, snow or sun?

Have a fab week whatever you are up to!

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  1. I like the look of that path, must have been some rain! The chocolate however I think I could live without, I did have some cardomon flavoured chocolate once and it was quite delicious.

    • I was amazed at the path the rain carved too! I don’t fancy curry chocolate either, I am more of a milk chocolate with no bits or bobs kind of girl! Cardamon sound nice though.

  2. Wow! I really did think it was a formed oath. Such a lovely photo! And your pizza looks delicious. Crispy kale is yum. I am intrigued by the chocolate curry combo. Cadbury put out a dairy milk block with vegemite (marmite) for us Aussies. A bit weird, I think! I haven!t stocked up on food yet. We go to the gourmet super raked in the week before and buy the fancy shmancy soft drinks ( have some non-drinkers in our family), nougat, pate, cheeses. I like to have enough to have on Boxing Day.

  3. That photo of the leaves is exactly what our back yard looks like when we’ve had torrential rain. We have a bit of a rainforest on our acreage and are also located on a hillside. So whenever it rains we get little streams running everywhere. I should take a photo to show you. I leave all my Christmas shopping til the last minute. Every single year. I will never learn. That pizza looks so yum. I love krispy kale and often make kale chips. The kids love them. Don’t think they’d fancy it on pizza though. Your new blog looks fab. Clean and lovely. xx

  4. Isabel says

    Clare, I am constantly amazed by the fact that you live by an actual ‘wood’ with fallen leaves and forest paths. So so cool! Wow, chocolate with Curry and Chips…amazing. It makes me think of Gavin and Stacey, where all the Welsh people love curry sauce with their chips, and the Brits think they’re disgusting. Which side of the debate are you on? That pizza looks completely scrumptious. Will have to try that when I get home to our proper oven and pizza stone. I’m starting to think about what Christmas gifts to buy in China and take home for friends and family, but also the question of suitcase space and going over the baggage limit…lots to consider! Thanks for joining in with One + Four each week. I love it xx

    • Oh I like curry sauce with chips, it is gravy and chips which is wrong! I bet you could get some fab presents in China, maybe you could mail them back, save on baggage space.

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