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Six Word Saturday

Six word Saturday

We went to the local winter farmer’s market at Schlafly Brewery this morning and had a lovely wander around veggies and bread and various farmed and homemade goods.  We bought this massive bunch of beetroot and I can’t wait to boil it and cool it and slice it into a salad.

Do you like beetroot? Raw or cooked? I have never had it raw, I bet that would be nice in a slaw or salad.

By the time we left the market, it was snowing, but the rain had left the ground wet, so the snow was just flurrying about, rather than settling.

I hope you are having a lovely weekend, happy Saturday!


  1. I like beetroot. It’s an essential part of an Aussie hamburger and I love it in a salad with goat’s cheese, walnuts, lentils and rocket.

    • Good idea, I have burgers on this week’s menu, so I see some beetroot on mine for sure! That salad sounds fab too. I am cooking three of the five and I am going to keep the other two so I can try them raw.

  2. Yes, I do like beetroot too. I used to juice it, but usually just have the sweet tinned variety…yum! p.s your new blog is looking great Clare!

  3. i love beets. 😉
    mostly roast them as a side dish but i do love them on salad too(roasted)!
    for years and years i juiced… carrot, apple, beet and ginger. still my fav raw juice, hmmmm i think i’ll buy a new juicer now!

      • i had a ‘juiceman’ juicer back in the day, it was around $50 which i loved to the point of wearing out. then i upgraded to a fancy brand for several hundred dollars and never liked it.
        one thing to look for is a BIG chute so a whole fruit/veg can go in.
        i have a recipe for savory crackers that uses the pulp from the juicer.
        so let’s get juicers and make crackers!

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