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Through The Lens Thursday #47. Cut.


Ironically I took this photo nice and early when I was cutting down and pulling out the last of my tomatoes, and now I am posting late!
You might have noticed the change in surroundings around here. I have moved (or rather am moving, so excuse the empty boxes and bare walls) blog house back to my original blog, here at CatsEatDogs.
All of my old posts and bits and bobs are here too, so feel free to have a look around and if you want some old old posts, I started this blog in 2012 so there is lots to look at!
So I am sneaking in late with Through The Lens Thursday, sorry Greta! Hopefully normal posting will resume next week when the prompt is ‘Muted’ and it is my birthday! Whoo hoo! I love birthday’s, don’t you!


  1. RebeccaHJ says

    Love it Clare. I felt a bit sad to tidy all my garden things away but it’s great to cook and eat the fruits of your harvest. Welcome back to .com! xx

    • Thanks, it is so much better for my non-tech brain to be here! A bare garden is a sad sight, but now we can dig over and prepare for the spring. I have a bowl full of green cherry tomatoes waiting to be pickled.

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