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Weekly Photos October 14

OctStills3 StillsOct2 StillsOct14


1. The table of cacti got decorated this year!

2. A glow in the dark skelly head.

3.  Bodhi and I finishing up the web.

We spent part of the weekend adding to the Halloween decos!  Bought the obligatory ‘spider web’ which we will be finding until next year as usual.  It does look rather good though, which is why we buy the stuff every year and drape the porch and surrounding foliage with it.

I remember when we first moved to the States 10 years ago and thinking that people went way over the top for Halloween…ahem….



  1. We finally caved and bought spider webbing this year as well. It’s covering our front railings, and you’re right, it’s pretty effective. Anyway, LOVE YOUR RED HAIR!

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