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Six Word Saturday

I am going out tonight.  It is a big birthday for one of my best friends in the whole world and I don’t know what to wear.  I don’t really have going out dresses and fancy pants clothes, or even any fancy pants.  Going out and  wearing posh dresses isn’t really something I do very often so I would prefer a new pair of jeans to a new dress.

Shoes, oh my, don’t even ask about shoes, I have one pair, yes one single pair of ‘going out’ shoes to my name,  which I bought for another birthday a couple of years ago, tonight will the the second wearing of them!  They are very high and I can barely walk in them.

So, my dress options are one which I bought about 12 years ago for a party I went to when my husband just graduated from University, it is red, and I like it but I wore it to the last party, the one with the new shoes, so I can’t wear that one.  The other one (I know, not much choice here) is one I bought 11 years ago for a wedding in Ireland, it is mainly pinks and it will match the shoes which are a nude colour and it fits. Decision made, pinks it is.

Heck the dress I wore to my own 40th birthday was one I bought in the 1980s!  In my defence, it is a vintage beauty and I still love it.

I have decided to have new hair.  I am going to dye it red, bright red, now, this minute.  So if it goes horribly wrong,  I will be going nowhere and problem solved.


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