Ten on the tenth
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Ten on the tenth October 2013

I have decided to take all of the photos this month using the Hipstamatic Oggl app.  I like that you can add Hipstamatic filters after the photo has been taken.  I have limited lenses and films though as I haven’t handed any cash over to become a member.  It was a warm Autumnal day yesterday, so I got lots of leaf shots!

Pablo and I went for a little walk in the sunshine and we got some leafy photos and stopped at the water fountains for drinks.

I made a birthday cake which sat in the cupboard hiding!  I used Smitten Kitchen’s chocolate cake recipe which was excellent as are all of her recipes.  In fact I also used a SK recipe for the apple muffins which are also in a photo here.  I just added some caramel pieces to the recipe.

I made some lovely chunky rings this week and photoed them with a golden cow!

Another 10th passes by and we are almost half way through October.  Halloween is nearly here.  Do you have a costume planned?  Have a wonderful weekend.




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