Weekly photo stills
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Weekly photos Oct 28 2013


Pair of mushrooms and an ant.


Cheese Swirl Buns to go with tomato soup for a quick dinner.


A very chilly morning.


I smiled as I took this dude’s picture.  He has such a funny face.


Bodhi carved a mini pumpkin.


Block Party street art.


A box full of sewing treasures found at a basement sale.


Halloween decos.


Shadow on the street.

It has been a busy week, dentist appointments, parent teacher conferences, gymnastics, karate belt test, sleepovers, chilli cook off at school and a street Halloween party.  Phew.

I finished watching ‘Derek’ on Netflix this week and I loved it.  What are you watching?  Anything I need to catch up on?

Have a fab week!

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