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Foggy morning

Last night was rainy and warm and this morning was humid and foggy. I do like interesting weather, so fog is a good morning for me. A good storm (if I am inside or on the porch) is also a winner in my view. Even pouring rain or bucketing snow make a change. I of course love the blue skies we usually see, whether the temps are warm or freezing cold, but the weather odd bods are what makes the interesting days.




Thankfully it was only the air full of fog today, I started with a fab boxing class which is my favourite class ever, I love to beat up an inanimate object once a week! I picked up the new (still one issue behind Australia though) Frankie magazine and finished getting ready for the Halloween party at school tomorrow.



Now I am here chatting to you and listening to the new ‘London Grammar’ album.

Are you trick or treating for Halloween? It may rain here, so let’s hope not (no, not even an exciting storm would be welcome). Costumes will be worn at school where the kids have a little parade around the neighbourhood and then we have parties for each class.

We will be making these spider webs made with paper plates and egg cartons. The kids will make ‘dirt and worms’ to eat which (in case you are worried) is chocolate pudding with crushed cookies and gummy worms. Yum.

Happy Halloween and safe trick or treating.  Oh and try and not eat all of the kids candy!  What do you do with the candy?  We call on ‘Ezmeralda the Candy Witch’ and she comes and takes the candy away and leaves a little treat (tooth fairy style).  Poof!  Candy out of sight.







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