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Weekly Photos 43/52 2014



Pumpkins in the pool

International Shoe Co

Perfect postcard

Cherokee Street

1.  Mushrooms are few and far between at the minute, so I was happy to see this bunch nestled in an old fallen tree.

2.  There was a partial eclipse of the sun this week, but it was around sunset, so the sun was disappearing as it got eclipsed and it was cloudy too!  So, all I managed to glimpse was a very pretty sunset with a partially eclipsed sun behind some clouds!

3.  Our local YMCA has a Halloween ‘Spooktacular’ every year and the kids get to go in a canoe and fish a pumpkin out of the diving well of the pool.  I love the colour of the pumpkins against the water.

4.  The old Shoe International Company building in St Louis city, looking good against the blue October sky and with the yellow tree too.

5.  We picked up a vintage postcard and this is what is said on the back.  I think all trips should be ‘swell’ and ‘elegant’.

6.  Art on Cherokee St in St Louis.

We had a good week and I hope you did too!  Looking forward to this week’s adventures.



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