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Weekly Photos 8/52






Another barmy week of St Louis weather!  Temperatures ranging from the high 70’s at the weekend to a snow day on Wednesday. We have settled in the 50’s and 60’s for the time being, but who can tell!

This final week of February has seen the last of the Tinkersketch prompts (I am writing a post this week about this challenge) and the end of my month of drawing houses.  I seem to be jumping onto the monthly challenges this year and March sees the beginning of another sketch a day challenge hosted by Creative Bug and presented by Pam Garrison.

Sketchbook at the ready!

1. Ice cream in the warm weather, with the essential hundreds and thousands.

2. We woke up to a snow day on Wednesday.

3. I made some lemon and lime lip balms, they smell so fresh and lovely!

4 and 5. I couldn’t resist buying a fabulous romanesco which we ate dipped in ranch and the rest was added to a stir fry. All after I snapped some photos!

I hope you had a lovely week and are looking forward to another. Are you doing any March challenges?   Happy Leap Day!





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