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A month of Tinkersketch drawing challenge


Through the month of February I joined in with Rachelle from Tinkerlab for the Tinkersketch drawing challenge.  Prompts were provided along with ideas for each day, sketchbooks were grabbed and art was created.

I decided to use an old book discarded from the library as my sketchbook and I had filled it by the end of the month.  I didn’t use every page because I used all kinds of media which invariably ruined the next page or two.

Here are some of my favorite pages from my little vintage book as sketchbook.  I quite like that I ended up with lots of bugs scuttling across my pages!


Day 2. Mirror.


Day 7. Repetition.


Day 5. Tiny Doodle.


Day 11. Stamp. I used a squashed cardboard roll to stamp hearts.


Day 14. Hearts.


Day 15. Sky.  Watercolor with masking fluid and pen and a collaged moon.


Day 19. Junk Mail.


Day 27. Mismatched.


Day 29. Torn Paper.

The final prompt which was ‘torn paper’ was completed on the very last page of the book.

Thanks to Rachelle for some great prompts and thanks to ‘No Bones’ for being my sketchbook.  I like the Tinkersketch prompts so much because they are vague but not too vague.  Some are techniques and some are specific like ‘hearts’ or ‘one word’ which makes for a nice balance of sketching and art making.  A great practice to keep making art and the creativity flowing.

Happy Wednesday x


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