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Weekly Photos 5/52


I feel like I have done nothing so far this week except walk to the shops and the dentist.  Oh wait, that’s because that is pretty  much what I have done!  Why is there always something you need for dinner which the cupboard does not contain, off to ‘Trader Joes’ I go.

I went to the dentist this morning in the whirling snow to get a crown put on, well the temporary, I have another appointment to put the real thing on, yay. It has been swirling snow all day but none of it has stayed on the ground.

This first photo is a lovely sunset earlier this week which I snapped while we were out metal detecting.  No treasure this week I am afraid.  Still looking for the chest!


Over the weekend the skateboards were pulled out and my youngest was zipping about on his wheels, I spotted this circle of lichen on a tree.  Pretty cool.


Shadows at the end of the day in hazy sun are the best.

Tinkersketch - repetition

Yesterday’s Tinkersketch was ‘repetition’ and I painted some triangles in my altered book which is a kids book about insects. I am loving how this book is turning out, just with a few doodles a day.  I highly recommend looking for an old book and using it as a sketchbook. So much fun!

Have a lovely week!  Happy Monday x


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